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Meet our People
The best testaments to life at BKP are the words of the people who work day in, day out in our company. We have asked BKPers from a variety of roles and departments to share their experiences and their thoughts about BKP.

Hearing it straight from the people at BKP should give you an idea on how BKP can develop and enrich you, both in your career as well as your personal development.

I enjoy the culture, warm relationships and strong connections among the team members. They are like my extended family members. I am also inspired by the commitment of the management team who constantly upholds the core value of INTEGRITY - doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

In BKP, we learn and share among team members to enhance our skills, to stay green and to grow. I also enjoy participating in various activities organised by our Sports Club committee, those are great sessions for me to have fun and good times with my fellow colleagues!

Throughout my working experience here, I find that BKPers practice strong team spirit where everyone works closely with each other regardless of which department he/ she belongs to. I am given the privileges, trust and freedom in this company to perform my job, and my suggestions are also well respected. This is the best company I have ever worked with.

I like BKP's culture such as holding luncheon talks, quarterly theme gathering and morning huddle. I enjoy working here because the company provides an environment for everyone to further develop. Luncheon talk is a valuable culture in BKP. It helps to develop the employees further. I gain a lot of new knowledge via luncheon talks. It benefits me in some ways no matter whether the topic is directly relevant to my work.

BKP is really different from other companies. We need to comply and execute our core values all the time.

From declaring little calendars given by business associates to "ang pow" given by customers (Integrity); from staff gathering to "site kenduri" and upgrading of charity homes (Caring); from playing games during staff gathering to sky lounges concepts where the ideas came from the employees (Innovative); from product quality to employees' living quality (Quality), the list keeps going.

In short, we are not robots who are here "completing" our daily tasks, but the enthusiastic human beings "enjoying" our respective duties in the family. This is BKP culture!