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Core Values & Logo

QUALITY, INNOVATION, CARING and INTEGRITY. These are the four meaningful words that guide our every action. Quality and Innovation drive the products that the company builds and delivers to the customers. Caring and Integrity, on the other hand, focus on the people that BKP deals with - the customers, business associates, employees, shareholders and the community.

These four core values have always been the centre of everything at BKP. They encompass what the team members at BKP stand for and are deeply embraced by all our employees.

The quality of a product has to speak for itself. To ensure that BKP's promise of high quality homes continues, the management has adopted the internationally renowned CONQUAS(Construction Quality Assessment System) for all of our projects.

In the Group's constant drive to improve quality in all areas, including management systems, Bukit Kiara Properties (BKP) and Bukit Kiara Interiors (BKI) were both certified ISO 9001:2000 by Moody's International in 2007. BKP's construction arm, Bukit Kiara Builders (BKB), was certified the year before. Two years later, in 2009, all three companies successfully transitioned from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

And finally, in 2010, Bukit Kiara Property Services (BKPS) became the fourth company within the Group to be certified. This is probably the first time a property development company in Malaysia received accreditation with four ISO certifications.
In line with BKP's tagline 'For Innovative Lifestyles', innovation leads the way for every project. New living concepts are promoted to achieve the uniqueness of homes that BKP builds. Innovation is also extended to how the company creates new ideas in marketing, design, customer service, construction processes and business solutions.

Caring is a core value that revolves around building strong relationships. A good, caring relationship goes a long way as it constantly builds rapport, trust and credibility. This philosophy rings true for BKP as we strive to nurture our customers' interest as well as the needs of our employees, business associates and the community at large.

In addition, BKP believes that helping the needy and giving back to the society is extremely essential. Thus, in 2009, BKP launched the Caring Hands Initiative as part of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme to reach out to charity homes.

All three core values above are upheld by a strong foundation of Integrity. Integrity is an essential component of life at BKP. We stress the importance of conducting ourselves and doing business with integrity as the most important element. We strive on to always 'Do the right thing even when no one is watching'. That is why Integrity is the bedrock of the company's core values. It guides us to make the right decisions and it becomes the basis for all interaction with our customers, employees, business associates and the community.

As a testament to the staff's commitment to this, BKP won the inaugural Malaysian Business Ethics Excellence Award in 2006 and subsequently in 2008 and 2010. Held once every two years, the award recognises companies practising exemplary business ethics guided by their respective Code of Ethics.



The logo represents what BKP is all about. It stands to embody the qualities of, and the ways that the company works. Above all, it illustrates what customers can expect when they decide to invest in a new home.

The four bars serve as the four core values of the company.

The three upright bars stand for Quality, Innovation and Caring which are firmly grounded on a solid foundation of Integrity which is signified by the horizontal bar.

With this logo, the people at BKP will always be reminded to continue
the practice of the company's core values.