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Code of Ethics

BKP's Code of Ethics is a booklet that guides our everyday business transactions.

Derived from the company's four core values, the Code of Ethics acts as the guiding light and secures the business to the foundations of honesty, integrity and respect, with the ultimate objective to improve our service to the homeowners and forge meaningful partnerships with the business associates.

Written in 3 languages, the 10-page booklet is made available to all its employees, business associates and customers. The Code of Ethics is highly valued and is practised by everyone at BKP on a daily basis.

As a testament to the staff's commitment to this, BKP was presented with the Malaysian Business Ethics Excellence Award for years 2006, 2008 and 2010, the first and only property development company to win the award three times in a row.The award recognises companies practicing exemplary business ethics guided by their respective Code of Ethics.

Click here to download the Code of Ethics in English, Malay & Mandarin.