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Caring Hands Initiative
In line with the Company's core value of Caring, BKP believes that helping the needy and giving back to society is extremely essential. Thus, in 2009, BKP launched the Caring Hands Initiative as part of the Company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme to reach out to charity homes in need of caring hands to help revive and rejuvenate their homes.

BKPers are encouraged to join the campaign by spending half a day performing cleaning, repairing, landscaping, painting and other maintenance works at a selected charity home. At BKP, we believe that the time and effort spent to upkeep the charity homes is equally important as monetary donation. That is the reason why the Caring Hands Initiative was introduced.

Today, Caring Hands Initiative has evolved to undertake different charity activities. The activities range from organising educational and fun outings, and festive charity visits to perform household chores and giving monetary assistance to deserving homes with the objective to assist and bring joy to them.

Through Caring Hands Initiative, the Company hopes to inculcate the spirit of caring and sharing among its team members. In addition, BKPers are able to share their skills and talents in service of others by contributing their time and energy voluntarily towards the Company's CSR activities.