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"WOW! I have not seen such a 'Big' and 'Detailed' scale model before.

The giant facilities model of VERVE® Suites measuring
22 feet by 14 feet is displayed at BKP Gallery.

This is not an ordinary model, this is a SUPER Model!," said Mr Tan, a potential customer who walked into BKP Gallery during the preview of The Versilica Living Concept. Measuring 22 feet by 14 feet, the giant facilities model of VERVE® Suites adorns the centre stage of BKP sales gallery.

BKP believes that this model will enable potential purchasers to visualize the various facilities available in the four different towers of VERVE® Suites as well as its pool podiums.

The viewers were captivated by the stunning beauty and sheer size of the model. Often a scale model is built a hundred times smaller as it is extremely costly to build a large scale model.

Another homeowner remarked that in other circumstances, developers would normally have invested in a model of this scale at the launch of the first block, not the final block.

"All these are achievable because of the strategic thinking from the management team and active participation from various departments and our business associates. It is our commitment towards innovation and quality, and a reinforcement of our core values" said Alex Chua, BKP's General Manager for Marketing & Sales.

Potential customer checking out the "Super Model" at the BKP Gallery. The top view of the Versilica Sky Beach model.


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