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Hundreds of residents from Hijauan Kiara and VERVE® Suites gathered around their condominiums to watch the much awaited acrobatic lion dance performance arranged by Bukit Kiara Properties Sdn Bhd (BKP) on the eve of Chap Goh Mei.

Two separate lion dance performances were held at Hijauan Kiara and VERVE® Suites to usher in the year of the Golden Tiger. Accompanied by the sound of drums, gongs and cymbals, the “lions” were seen going around the condominiums to spread blessings and ended with a stunning acrobatic lion dance performance. It was a sight to behold when residents from different races as well as expatriates exchanged pleasantries and got to know each other better during the event.

The lion dance performance was one of the many activities organised by BKP to promote closer community living and foster good neighbourliness among the residents. Previously, the developer has organised Deeparaya get-together, Halloween Night, Mooncake celebration and Outdoor Movie Night for the residents of Hijauan Kiara.

“Our relationship with our homeowners does not end with the handing over of keys to them. In fact, it is just the beginning and we endeavour to do our part in managing the projects through our property services team in order to protect and enhance the value of the projects developed by BKP,” explained NK Tong, BKP’s Group Managing Director.

NK shared that such functions and activities foster friendship, goodwill and understanding among the residents by giving them the opportunities to socialize more and know each other’s culture better. NK also took the opportunity to wish all the residents a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year. “We hope that the lion dance will bring good luck and prosperity to the residents of Hijauan Kiara and VERVER® Suites,” added NK.

A VERVE® Suites resident, James, who was with his wife to watch the lion dance performance said that it was the first time that he has such a close encounter with the “lions”. “We are glad that BKP took the initiative to organise this function and we hope BKP will continue to organise more of such activities as we wanted to take every opportunity to meet more neighbours during our stay here in VERVE® Suites,” said the thankful couple from Australia.

Another resident from Hijauan Kiara shared that even though the condominium was handed over two years ago and the Joint Management Body (JMB) was already formed one year ago, BKP continued to provide support to the residents and organise various get-together events throughout the year. “I am glad that BKP continues to initiate and fund these get-together events to promote neighbourliness among the residents here,” said Mr Koh.

Apart from the lion dance performance, BKP also took the opportunity to distribute mandarin oranges and angpows to all of its residents one week before the Lunar New Year. The residents could look forward to a prosperous and auspicious year ahead since it is believed that the mandarin oranges and angpows bring good luck, wealth and prosperity to the recipients.

“This is the second time we are having a lion dance performance in Hijauan Kiara. We noticed that more and more residents are participating in these activities, be it the outdoor movie or festive get-together parties. It is a good sign that people are enjoying their stay in Hijauan Kiara,” BKP’s General Manager for Marketing & Sales, Alex Chua said.

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