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We are living in a world today where crimes against women continue to rise. We cannot totally eradicate this but we can take precautionary measures. 

With this in mind, BKP recently organised a talk on “Urban Survival Skills” for its lady homeowners. Conducted by safety activist and Director of Training of MVFRA Fire and Rescue Academy, Capt. K. Bala, this training is aimed to educate women on how they can protect themselves with self-defense techniques when they are facing dangerous situations.

 It was the third time BKP has organised such safety trainings for its customers. The first was conducted three years ago when BKP invited Capt. Bala to speak on the same topic. And barely less than a year later, it conducted another training on “Road Survival”. Over 60 homeowners and their family members participated in this recent training and most of them found it very useful as it engaged them in their daily life.  “It was a tremendous eye-opener for me and my daughter. It did not occur to me that I could save myself with simple techniques demonstrated by Capt. Bala. All thanks to BKP for organising this meaningful event,” said a grateful participant.

BKP’s Group Managing Director, NK Tong said, “We have always subscribed to a strong spirit of caring for the well being of our customers and their families. We are committed to building a better community and hope the participants have gained from this event. We will continue to put on interesting programmes which will benefit our customers and the community.”

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