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“Wow! Is this a Christmas tree? It is so tall!” said a little boy who came to visit BKP Gallery with his parents recently. In fact, every guest who walked into BKP Gallery has the same reaction as the little boy. They were so astonished by the 10-foot pyramid display located next to the lounge area of BKP Gallery.

According to BKP’s Group Managing Director, NK Tong, “The 10-foot display was stacked up with over 200 gift baskets.  They were meant to be given away to all homeowners of VERVE® Suites Viva Tower as handover gifts upon vacant possession of their units. It is our way of saying thank you for their continuous support over the years.”

VERVE® Suites homeowners would be delighted to know that the handover gifts consist of branded toiletries products such as aromatique body palm, body cleaner liquid and cleansing slab complimented with a bathrobe and bath towel embroided with VERVE® Suites logo.

Previously, NK would personally spent months looking and collecting acrylic paintings from numerous trips to Bali as handover gifts for Aman Kiara and Hijauan Kiara homeowners. “The team thought of giving something different this time as we believe VERVE® Suites homeowners may have different preferences and lifestyles. Thus, the basket of toiletries, embroided bathrobe and towel make a perfect welcoming gift as homeowners can treasure them and at the same time able to use them when they start staying in VERVE® Suites,” NK added.   

A homeowner expressed delight with the handover gift, saying that BKP never failed to impress her with something unique. “Living true to BKP’s core value of caring and innovation, they have always been focusing on the well being of its customer by providing us with useful items such as the health book during SARS outbreak, Mont’Kiara map, 33 Food Hotspots: KL’s Ultimate Food Guide and now the lifestyle products as a handover gift,” said a homeowner of the newly completed VERVE® Suites Viva Tower.

The beautifully stacked handover gifts ready to be given away to VSA homeowners. Homeowners were delighted to see the handover gifts during an event organized for them.


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