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Malaysia is well known for its culinary diversity that represents the peculiar food tastes of her multi-ethnic society.

To celebrate this wealth of local flavours, BKP threw a party for 500 privileged customers from OCBC Bank at the BKP Gallery recently.

Representing food typical to the states were delicacies like Mee Jawa from Johor, Keropok Lekor from Terengganu, Char Kuey Teow from Penang, Sa Hor Fun from Perak, Satay, Nasi Lemak and Curry Laksa from Selangor.

Unleashing the flavors of Malaysia... A portion of the 500 customers of OCBC Bank help themselves to the exotic spread of local delicacies at the prch of BKP Gallery                                                                                                                                                                                          Whichever way you want... A chef captivates the crowd with his demonstration of the art of executing "teh tarik" in the Malaysian Food Fiesta

If that was not enough, guests were further treated with more choices like Melaka’s chicken rice and Nyonya Kueh, Muar’s Otak-otak and crispy Char Siew Pao from Seremban.

“The Malaysian Food Fiesta was really an eye-opener for my family and me. We were truly amazed with the variety of food and felt as if we had traveled all over Malaysia and tasted all the food that Malaysia could offer in one single place,” said Mr. Lim.

Some of the participating food stall owners were seen displaying their showmanship to the crowds. Among the best was the demonstration of ‘teh tarik’ performed inside the Hyperkitchen, which would be featured at the rooftop of the  VERVE® Suites’ Vibe Tower.

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