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For the homeowners, it was more than just a show of appreciation by BKP and an evening of exotic food but a chance for them to get up close with the management staff of BKP and fostering a familiarisation among the buyers of Vogue Tower.

BKP's Group Managing Director NK Tong addresses homeowners of Vogue Tower in the Appreciation Night that their fully-furnished suites are wise investment. 

Vogue Tower offers suites namely Metro Bliss, Verdant Luxe, Cosmo Groove and Centro Jazz. They are an embodiment of luxury, classy interior, comfort, harmonious hues and pleasing colours akin of today’s modern living. Perched on the 31st floor of Vogue Tower is a rejuvenating natural sanctuary known as the Gardens of Concentrico where its unique, hydro-green lifestyle facilities offer new opportunities of socialising with a cool crowd and at the same time, enhancing family bonds.

BKP’s Group Managing Director NK Tong told the audience, numbering 230, that their purchases of Vogue Tower is a testament of their confidence in the properties undertaken by BKP.

“To reciprocate the trust, we will always do our best to build homes with innovation, quality, care and integrity which are also the fundamentals of our company’s core values,” he said.

Exclusive New Circle

NK said ownership of Vogue Tower allows the homeowners to join an exclusive new circle where individualised living is matched by an array of exciting lifestyle features that make ownership an exclusive privilege.

What an exceptional spread of food. A luxurios array of food from the novel Hyperkitchen whet the appetite of the homeowners.

He said the Aqua Gym, Cinema Paradiso, Podium Panorama and Dinner Al-Fresco puts one in sync with nature and a whole lot of exciting activities to keep them occupied the whole day. Based on their cheerful faces, it was evident that the homeowners were satisfied that they had astutely invested into a solid development which is part of the much-sought after VERVE® Suites project.

Whack me... A kid playfully knocks the head of The Clown with a balloon sword as other children look on amusely Kids wanna have fun.. Children of Vogue Tower homeowners have a good time laughing at the hilarious antics of The Clown


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