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Close to 100 people made astute decisions to park their money in units at the Vogue Tower of VERVE® Suites as a means of hedging their fast shrinking ringgit.

Members of the public looking at VERVE® Suites latest offering, The Concentrico Living Concept featured in Vogue Tower. Engrossed...A customer admires the Gardens of Concentrico.        

In a strong show of confidence in the rental and resale value of VERVE® Suites, one of the Vogue Tower purchasers said: "By leaving my money in the fixed deposit, I can only get an annual return of three to four per cent."

"But by putting it as down payment for a VERVE® Suite unit, at least I know my money doesn't shrink quickly by the rising cost of living."

Another customer, David, who works for a reputable financial institution, said that buying into a VERVE® Suite unit is like hedging against today's runaway inflation which is fast diminishing the value of money.

"I am confident that purchasing a good property in the right location will see better mid and long term returns in investment," he added.

Meanwhile, another customer is fascinated with the 10/90 financial scheme offered for the latest tower in the VERVE® Suites.

"I just have to pay 10% for a unit and I don't have to worry about any other payment as the developer will take care of the interest payment during the construction period."

"I only start paying my installment when the property is completed in three and a half years time. By that time, the economy would have taken a great turn around and I will stand to benefit from it," said Mr C.M. Wong, a system engineer who got himself a one-bedroom, fully-furnished unit.

Inquisitive customers taking a close look at the four keylifestyle offerings at the Gardens of Concentrico. A BKP's Marketing & Sales executive explaining the features of Verdant Luxe.

Besides benefiting from good yield returns, these purchasers will soon be joining an exclusive new circle of discerning homeowners who value an exciting mix of stylish living, work and play. This latest tower of VERVE® Suites called the Vogue Tower features a natural sanctuary at the rooftop known as the Gardens of Concentrico which is imbued with four inspiring lifestyle leisures namely Podium Panorama, Aqua Gym, Dinner Al-Fresco and Cinema Paradiso.

These exciting features, together with the aesthetically designed suites, make up The Concentrico Living Concept which is the first of its kind in Mont'Kiara. The preview of Vogue Tower's The Concentrico Living Concept was largely influenced by an overwhelming response for the Verve Suites' Viva Tower and Vibe Tower.

Vogue Tower, which is the third phase of the VERVE® Suites' development, is now open for viewing at BKP Gallery from 10am to 6pm daily. Both Viva and Vibe Towers have been fully sold.

For more information on Vogue Tower, please log on to www.vervesuites.com or call BKP Marketing & Sales department at 03-6203 1100.

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