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The first thing that one would notice at the sight of a sawn tree trunk is a harmonious and natural creation of hundreds of concentric circles.


The Gardens of Concentrico puts one in sync with nature and allows him to immerse in a lush landscape and soothed by calming water features and a whole lot of other things to enjoy for the whole day.

Notice the marvel of nature at work, the circles run almost infinitely and are evenly spaced at regular intervals to render a rare and timeless beauty that simply evokes imagination and admiration. As nature spins a network of intricating circles in the trunk, its very evolution also inspire a new lifestyle theme for Vogue Tower known as The Concentrico Living Concept.

The Aqua Gym is a hydro pool of aquatic gym equipment that permits water aerobics and aqua exercises. It is a novel exercising trend that is fast catching up in the fitness circle. Imagine yourself getting a good workout and splashing fun at the same time.

The Podium Panorama offers a privileged green view of Mont'Kiara and a new dimension of lounging. There, you can lie on a hammock, surf the internet, read your favourite book or just enjoy the breathtaking view. 

For a trendy dining experience with greens all around you, head for the Dinner Al-Fresco. To satiate your appetite with great food and the sound of calming water, this is the place. Be it a barbecue or an intimate dinner, Dinner Al-Fresco takes you to the open sky to enjoy your food.

As a customer K.K. Leung remarked: "Seems like everything is novel in Vogue Tower. First rooftop garden with a generous spread of trees, first aqua gym in the country and dinner al-fresco amidst lush greenery and soothing water in the sky."
The Concentrico Living Concept comes to live at a new rooftop of Vogue Tower, spawning new opportunities of socialising with a cool crowd and enhancing family bonds.

If watching big screen movies and munching snacks is your cup of tea, head for the Cinema Paradiso. There is a spacious lounge to stretch out your legs as you enjoy your movies with an endless stream of fresh, cool air. Watching movies outdoor won't be the same anymore with Cinema Paradiso.


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