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BKP is walking the extra mile for homeowners of Hijauan Kiara with a hive of activities and refinements.

Homeowners expressed their gratitude to BKP's Marketing and Sales Department for going all out to provide rental and sub-sale services to them even after the units have been handed to them in February.

"We're aware that they're taking part in MAPEX 2008 exhibition, organizing real estate agents tours and Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) event to help secure tenants for our units or buyers for our sub-sale," they said.

BKP's Group Managing Director NK Tong said giving good service to the customers is one of the prime philosophies of the company and as such, BKP has no reservation about walking the extra mile for Hijauan Kiara's homeowners.

"To help them to either rent out or sell their units, we're not only looking at rental and sub-sale activities but at other physical avenues such as the construction of a new gymnasium (gym) in Block D and an enhanced public toilet at Block F," he said.

Before: Indoor gym was relocated from the basement to the mezzanine floor of Block D, thus freeing more space for homeowners. After: BKP invests RM250,000 on new execising equipments and renovation for its new indoor gym.

The gym, besides being well equipped, will have full ceiling height glass panels as opposed to concrete walls for the initial indoor gym at the basement of Block D. It gives those working out at the gym a vantage view of the splendorous Podium Deck, making exercising more energizing and delightful. By relocating the gym, NK said BKP has managed to free more space for the residents to move around. BKP has invested close to RM250,000 on modern gymnasium equipment and renovation to ensure that homeowners get a safe and good workout.

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