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Over 700 pieces of quality homogeneous floor tiles, still in mint condition and left over from its completed development, were donate to the House of Joy.

BKP’s Group Managing Director NK Tong said: “I’ve personally visited the Home and I saw that there was a need to help it refurbished the first floor living hall and balcony. As a caring corporate citizen, BKP decided to donate all the tiles to House of Joy.”

House of Joy principal Pastor Tang Chee Sing said the tiles were most handy as it was in the midst of rebuilding some sections of the home. “We are grateful for this donation and to have a compassionate corporate citizen in BKP to support our home renovation endeavours.”

“BKP had previously contributed generously to our home by sending their staff to spend time with our children during festive seasons and donating daily provisions,” said Pastor Tang.

Brighten Up

He said the floor tiles were laid at the upper storey living hall and balcony area where the children and senior citizens live. “Besides lending a smoother and safer surface to the floor, the tiles brighten up the home too”.

Pastor Tang said the donation saved House of Joy RM10,000 if it had to purchase and lay the tiles itself. An elated child said that they can now look forward to have more indoor and outdoor games as the floor surface is not as rough as compared to the previous delapidated plywood flooring.

Before .. This is how the floor looks like at the upper living hall before renovation. After ... The floor of the upper living hall glitters after laying of new homogeneous tiles donated by BKP


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