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Total number of trees for the podium and ground floor will stand at 633 when the project is completed in December while 35,422 shrubs will lend a green carpet feel to the premises. At least 286 aquatic plants will grace the numberous water features in Hijauan Kiara while the turfed area shall occupy a total of 1,400 square metres.

That staggering amount of species transplanted by BKP's landscape department not only add aestheticsbut renders an interesting variety of romantic touches to Hijauan Kiara.
Nicole van den Steenhoven, who heads the landscape department, said "A great deal of thought and time has been invested in the lush greening and beautification of Hijauan Kiara. Each area of Hijauan Kiara has its own style, character and function and together, they create a green and healthy oasis."
The good thing about the greening of Hijauan Kiara is that it is done via an earnest effort to minimise the use of pesticides and herbicides.

As Nicole remarked: 'As a caring developer, we pick tough trees with a higher resistance threshold."

Nicole also explained that the types of trees, aesthetics, toughness, suitability to the soil structure and moisture were evaluated and then reserved at a nursery for two years to enable the landscape team to monitor, maintain and prune them to the required shape to suit Hijauan Kiara's exterior.

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