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Hijauan Kiara is still 15 months away from completion. It is no wonder customers and curious onlookers were puzzled with the two giant banners hanging down from one of the towers stating “Units for Rent – Register Now”.

Why do you hang up the banner so early?” … Many people called the office to enquire. BKP’s Manager for Marketing and Sales, Koh Mun Yee said, “It’s not early. It is our way of planning ahead to ensure that we will be able to work out some good rental programmes for our Hijauan Kiara homeowners who may want to rent out their unit in the future.”

“We mean what we say when we told our customers at the point of sale that we will provide after sales service in areas of rental and resale. The early display of the banner to get people interested is only one of the many programmes we intend to do for our customers. Although we did not guarantee any rental returns, we are committed to serve their needs. Some of them bought the units for their own stay, while others have intention to rent them out in a popular expatriate community like Mont’Kiara which has a history of high rental yield. To serve such needs, we want to start early,” added Koh.

She also mentioned that BKP have also started early in forming a Property Services team which will work closely with the marketing team on areas of property management, rental and resale.

Headed by Jennie Phui, the team now consists of 4 persons and plans to expand to a staff force of 15 in the next one year.

Meanwhile, the interior team is also busy putting up interior packages to be offered to Hijauan Kiara customers who wish to rent out their units.

“Past experiences told us that there is certain basic furnishing that is needed to enhance the chance of renting out the unit. We will study and offer these basic and minimal packages for our interested customers while their units are still under construction so that they can save time.”

“A basic furnished unit which is ready for occupancy appeals more to a prospective tenant. It helps to lock them in quickly,” Koh said.

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