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Hijauan Kiara is scheduled to be completed in less than three years time. But when the first residents move in, it would feel as if the project was completed even earlier than expected.

Much of this ambience would be as a result of the landscaping work of BKP's landscaping associate company, Tunas Landscape which although currently unable to do any actual work on the site is working towards the realisation of this landscaping goal. So that residents will be able to enjoy the beauty and shade of matured trees without having the necessary wait that comes with planting saplings, Tunas Landscape has begun acquiring such trees.

Take for instance the three Senegalese mahogany trees that are located at the fringe of the site of the Pavilions of Bukit Kiara. Measuring 9 metres high and weighing up to 3 tonnes, these 13-year old trees were first acquired in 2003. Tunas Landscape has nurtured them for the past two years before they were carefully uprooted by a "Big John" and replanted at their current location.

Here they will have the opportunity to mature further and by the time they are about 15 years old they will again be replanted, ground conditions permitting, in Hijauan Kiara for the enjoyment of its residents. Matured trees are rare commodities in landscaping and this is why Tunas Landscape is always on the lookout for opportunities to acquire them. In the words of BKP group managing director N.K. Tong: "This drive stems the value that BKP places on landscaping and how it is just as crucial to a project as the bricks and mortar."

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