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BKP Hosts Green Day to Raise Environmental Awareness

BKP team members removing litters from the forest, leaving a cleaner footprint for future visitors. Kids putting the plants into their DIY vases.

A team of 136 passionate “green ambassadors” converged at the Kota Damansara Community Forest to clean up the oldest forest reserve in Peninsular Malaysia, and engage children to be environmentally conscious in conjunction with Bukit Kiara Properties’ (BKP) Family Green Day held last Sunday.

The participants were divided into ten groups, and embarked on three different trails to perform ‘Trash-Hunt’. They were given the mission to clean up litter at the forest reserve while enjoying the fun of nature trekking. The meaningful hunting session saw the team members and their families removing old tyres, plastic bags, bottles, clothes, banners, cups, cans and rusty motorcycle parts from the forest, leaving a cleaner footprint for future visitors.

For children below the age of 16, they were given an assignment called ‘Kid’s Seedling Project’ where each of them was provided with colouring tools and recycled bottles to make their DIY (Do it yourself) vases. The kids were paying close attention when drawing their favourite designs and icons on the bottles with the guidance of their parents. Laughter and excitement were heard and seen everywhere when they put the plants into their unique vases.

“I like my painting very much! I will keep my plant at home, water it every day and protect it from the insects. I enjoyed all the activities today and I have learnt that we must throw rubbish into the dustbins to keep our earth clean,” said a 7-year old boy, Qayden Quek.

After the ‘Trash-Hunt’ and ‘Kid’s Seedling Project’, BKP’s organising committee held a fun demonstration to show the participants an efficient way of using paper towels. A research conducted in the United States shown that if Americans could just use one piece of paper towel instead of few pieces each time they wash their hands, they would be able to save over 250 million kilogrammes of paper towels every year, which is approximately equivalent to 5 million trees. It is astonishing to know how much we can contribute to the environment by just changing a little habit.

“Green Day is a good event for family bonding and it increases our kids’ awareness on environmental issues. The management team also leads a good example by participating in the green initiatives themselves and encouraging the team to do the same,” said Effendy Shohaili from BKP’s Landscape Department.

“We constantly advocate the idea of ‘Going Green’ in our daily operations and our projects for a better living environment as part of our ‘Caring Hands’ initiative. We are glad to host this event to raise awareness among our team members and their families, and do our little part for the environment,” said BKP’s Group Managing Director NK Tong.

“We encourage our team members to bring along their children to this event so that they are exposed to environmental issues at an early age. Today, while the children are growing the plants, they are also sowing the seeds of environmental conservation in their hearts,” NK added.

In addition to the Family Green Day, the company has also organised a series of green initiatives such as ‘Recycling Month’ to collect recyclable items to be donated to charity organisations, ‘Greening the Office Competition’ and five luncheon talks on waste composting, the environment and the food that we eat.

The energetic BKP “green ambassadors” getting ready for a fun and meaningful ‘Trash-Hunt’. NK (left) presenting gift to a kid who took part in the seedling project.


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