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BKP spreads festive joy at Rumah Charis


Kids are eager to make their own mooncakes after viewing the demonstration by chefs.

Kids from Rumah Charis were busy mixing, kneading and moulding the dough to make their very first DIY (Do it yourself) mooncakes, when Bukit Kiara Properties (BKP) had an early Mooncake Festival celebration with them.

BKP, a niche property developer in Kuala Lumpur organised various fun-filled activities to celebrate the auspicious Mooncake Festival with thirty kids from Rumah Charis, and spent a joyful day with the children during the school holiday.

“This event is one of the company’s Caring Hands initiatives for contributing back to the community. This time around, we plan to spread festive joy to the children by getting them involved in DIY sessions such as making mooncakes and decorating lanterns. We hope to encourage teamwork and to develop a better understanding of culture festivals among them,” said BKP’s Group Managing Director, NK Tong.

The event started with a quiz contest, followed by a lantern decorating competition. Kids ranging from 5 to 13 years old were divided into six groups to take part in the contests. Throughout the competition, the kids exhibited their creativity by turning plain lanterns into colourful ones, and some were painting greetings and festive icons on the lanterns.

Making the day even more memorable was the anticipated mooncake making session. Kids were seen paying full attention to the two chefs specially engaged by BKP, when both of them started demonstrating the process of making snow skin mooncakes, mooncakes that can be eaten without baking. The children were particularly excited when they were given a chance to try their hands at making their own mooncakes.

“This is the first time I try to make myself a mooncake. It is so simple and fun, and the mooncake is delicious,” said the thirteen

-year old girl, Bee Kee.

Some kids were eagerly tasting their handmade moon cakes and some were sharing them with the BKP team members as soon as the mooncakes were knocked out from the wooden moulds.

After the mooncake making session, NK presented colourful paper lanterns to each of the children. The visit ended with a buffet dinner served with traditional food eaten during Mooncake Festival such as pomeloes, baby yams, mooncakes and water caltrop which is also known as ‘ling kok’.

“We are appreciative that BKP takes the initiative to celebrate Mooncake Festival with the children from Rumah Charis. This is a special event where the kids enjoy themselves with fun activities, and at the same time learn something new and understandthe importance of putting effort in everything they do,” said the guardian of Rumah Charis, Mr. Vincent Hon.


NK and kids trying their hands at making mooncakes. The kids and BKP team have a fun-filled Mooncake Festival celebration at Rumah Charis.



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