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Under this scheme, BKP’s contractors will receive their bonuses based on a percentage of their contract value. The higher the CONQUAS score for the project, the higher the bonus percentage (which can go as high as 2.5% of the contract value).

Dato’ Alan Tong and NK Tong witnessing the signing of the VERVE® Suites Vibe Tower’s completion plaque by YB. Dato’ Wira Chor Chee Heung.     

NK Tong handing over the mock-up key to a VERVE® Suites homeowners’ representative, witnessed by YB Dato’ Wira Chor Chee Heung & Dato’ Alan Tong

Tong thanked and congratulated BKP’s 24 contractors for assisting BKP succeed in attaining the record CONQUAS score of 82.2 for VERVE® Suites Vibe Tower. “I am happy to note that none of our contractors were penalised, meaning that they met or exceeded the quality standards that we had initially set for them. If we followed strictly to our bonus scheme, our contractors stand to gain bonuses of over RM200,000.

However, given the stellar quality performance from our contractors in VERVE® Suites Vibe Tower, I am delighted to announce today that we are increasing the bonuses by another additional 50% to over RM300,000 to selected contractors. We believe in quality, and we reward for quality,” Tong added.
The score of 82.2 is the highest CONQUAS score ever achieved for any high rise development in Malaysia. CONQUAS is a rating system developed by the Building Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. It is an internationally-recognised benchmark for rating quality in property developments, and is used extensively in Singapore and in selected projects in Malaysia, Australia, China and the region. To date, only one other high rise development of the many rated outside of Singapore has been able to break the 80-point barrier.

BKP, which recently won the Highest Recognition for Malaysian Business Ethics Award 2010, started the hand over of the completed 188-units Vibe Tower to the owners since October 2010 after receiving the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) from the authorities.

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